How to Help During the Pandemic into 2021

We wear our masks. We physically-distance ourselves. We wash our hands. We are all trying to do our part to help mitigate the effects of this pandemic. And yes, we are fatigued by all this. But our community is generous and we know there are others struggling more than us. So as we head into the early, critical months of 2021, here are some ways we can continue to help during the pandemic.

Use Your Voice to Advocate for Organizations that Need Our Help

Our social networks are growing larger every day.  It costs nothing to share information with friends or family and helping to spread the word on organizations that need our support is a powerful initiative. If you know of a charity that needs help, like and share their contact information. Even joining a letter-writing campaign can help. 

Did you know Congress just passed legislation allowing the creation of a Latin American History museum? 

A major victory that was 25 years in the making, this initiative owed much of its success to the Latinx community writing old-fashioned emails and snail mail letters to members of Congress.

Sponsor or Support Organizations Engaged in Broader Dialogue

Many of the challenges our community faced before the pandemic became even more dire once we began to quarantine. Sometimes these challenges seem overwhelming for one individual to address.  But individuals working as groups and organizations working as coalitions, can find solutions for the world’s toughest problems. The Latinas Wine Club helped sponsor the Cumbre Mundial de Mujeres (World Women’s Summit) last Fall to help address the challenges women face in the 21st Century and especially during the pandemic. The summit gathered leaders in international business, government, and NGO arena to develop policy to combat obstacles for the progress of women around the world. Our sponsorship helped provide resources for the summit to be successful, but also allowed us to learn and share our experiences in supporting our Latina community during the pandemic and beyond.

Volunteer or Donate to Non-Profits Providing Essential Services in Your Community  

Local non-profits providing boots-on-the-ground support have been the most impacted by the pandemic. Their own resources to help others in the community have been drastically reduced just as the needs of those they serve skyrocketed. Latinas Wine Club donated a virtual wine class that served as a fundraiser for the Mental Illness Recovery Center (MIRCI) in Columbia, SC. Over $3000 was raised as a result to help those experiencing or are at risk of mental illness or homelessness.  MIRCI has seen its caseload increase dramatically during the pandemic. While small, our contribution helped MIRCI serve more of those at-risk and prevent surges in homelessness.