Vegan Vino 101

Last week we gathered with our Black Girls Wine sisters in our first Wine Women of Color Unite Holiday Soiree to recap this roller-coaster of a year but to also learn about animal- and earth-friendly winemaking techniques. 

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Do you know what makes a wine vegan? 

There is a lot of confusion surrounding terms like “natural,” “sustainable,”  “low sugar,” and “organic” wines.  Aside from the “USDA Organic” designation, which is federally-defined and regulated, these labels are nebulous and we are still figuring out as a wine community how to define them. Conceptually, vegan wines are a bit more clear-cut. These are wines that do not employ animal products in the winemaking process–fining or filtering of the wine–or in the vineyard–fertilizer, soil nutrients. And you thought all wines were vegan because wine is made from grapes? We thought so, too, Amigas. But, no, not all wines are vegan.

But are there vegan wine standards?

Vegan wines are a dynamic and exploding sector in the wine industry as increasingly more enthusiasts are interested in plant-based diets and want to be socially conscious about their food and drink choices. But how can you be sure your wines are truly vegan? Our founding socio Frances Gonzalez of Vegan Wines is working to create more certainty for wine drinkers. She is working with vegan winemakers and other like-minded wine professionals to create definitive standards and improve transparency for vegan wines. Her mission is to ensure we know what’s in our wine glass–for ALL wine lovers, not just vegan ones.

Get your vegan wines!

Erlinda curated a bundle from Vegan Wines just for Latinas Wine Club members showcasing the strict quality and deliciousness of Frances’ portfolio. You can still get the trio of wines here

The sparkling wine from Chile, and the exuberant white and red from Italy will not only taste amazing, but also help contribute to the sustainability of our planet.  Drink Vegan, do Good!