PARRA Wine Co was established in 2019 by proprietor Sam Parra. His last name is a Spanish and Portuguese surname meaning grapevine or trellis. Born and raised in St. Helena, CA, he was destined to be in the wine industry. Sam’s family came to Napa Valley through work visas to pursue their dreams. After 15 years in the wine industry through Napa and Sonoma counties, he moved to the Willamette Valley in the summer of 2016. Through previous business trips Sam first visited this beautiful valley in 2000. PARRA Wine Co will remain a boutique, hand crafted wine producer. Over the years he has cultivated friendships with highly respected growers. Sam will showcase single vineyard wines from the great state of Oregon, SALUD!!

Located in Lower Manhattan, New York, The French Cheese Board is also a fab lab of ideas. People can participate in cooking lessons, wine and cheese pairings sessions, interactive presentations on how to indulge in French cheese, and improve their knowledge through playful and interactive displays dedicated to the art and craft of cheese. Latinas Wine Club hosts some of the in person events in this venue.

The Taittinger family has managed the Champagne House for nearly a century. We are honored and proud to be partnering with one of the few Champagne houses owned and managed by the family whose name is on the label, Taittinger.

Former Partnerships