Gen Z Embracing Moderation and Wellness

Generation Z’s Shifting Relationship with Alcohol: Embracing Moderation and Wellness

Latinas Wine Club is keenly aware of the evolving preferences of today’s consumers, particularly Gen Z, who are increasingly prioritizing moderation and wellness. We understand the growing interest in low- and no-alcohol options and are dedicated to providing our members with well-balanced and delightful experiences.

According to the findings by Collage Group in 2024, Gen Z is leading the charge in reducing alcohol consumption and is the driving force behind the surge in demand for no- and low-alcohol beverages. It’s important to note that Gen Z isn’t necessarily abstaining from alcohol altogether but is instead focusing on moderation and making conscious choices about their alcohol intake. As mindful drinkers, they still want to enjoy themselves, but in a way that aligns with their values and lifestyle. This may mean choosing non-alcoholic options or substituting with low-alcohol drinks to strike the right balance.

Embracing Moderation and Wellness

Gen Z’s decision-making process regarding alcohol is influenced by various factors, including wellness, financial considerations, changing tastes, and evolving social dynamics. As a result, they constantly evaluate their choices and seek out options that align with their values and preferences.

At Latinas Wine Club, we have observed a growing interest among our members in exploring low-alcohol options while seeking to discover and appreciate new wine regions. We recognize an increasing trend of consumers wanting to connect with the stories and values behind the brands they engage with.

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