Black History Month Feature: Stephanie Franklin CEO and Founder of Fly Wines

Our tradition is to feature inspiring stories that showcase the remarkable contributions of BIPOC individuals in wine. 


At Latinas Wine Club, diversity is the foundation of innovation, and we are dedicated to promoting awareness and appreciation for the diversity of voices and talents that make the wine industry such a dynamic and exciting space. 


Of the more than 11,000 wineries based in the U.S., less than 1 percent are Black-owned. Even fewer wine-based businesses are owned by Black owners or people of color. Within the past couple of years, there’s been a push toward purchasing from Black-owned businesses, which has bolstered and, luckily, brought awareness and shined a spotlight on the benefit of increasing diversity.


While the Black Lives Matter movement has made significant progress and headlines, many black leaders are urging citizens to stay the course and to continue advocating for and supporting Black-owned businesses, an act easily accomplished no matter what you’re seeking to purchase, even if it’s a robust glass of cabernet.

Meet Stephanie Franklin from Fly Wines

Fly Wines CEO and Cofounder Stefanie Franklin

Stephanie Franklin, CEO and founder of Fly Wines started Fly Wines during COVID after losing her mother and good friend back-to-back. At the time, Franklin was working at an AdTech company. Motivating herself after losing her mother and friend was tough, so she decided to leap into her passion, helping her cope and knowing you only had today. She put in her two weeks and was off traveling the world in search of high-quality, small-batch wines from under-represented vineyards. 

Stephanie Franklin knows what it’s like being a black wine owner and how she hopes to create a legacy. “Being a Black wine owner is a unique journey filled with both challenges and triumphs. I am passionate about not only offering exquisite wines but also breaking barriers in an industry that has historically lacked diversity. My hope is to create a lasting legacy that inspires future generations and demonstrates the richness that diversity brings to the world of wine.”

Fly Wines

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Join us in recognizing the invaluable role of Black wine founder and CEO of Fly WinesStephanie Franklinand support Black-owned wine companies since we need more diversity and inclusion in the wine industry.

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