Stories of Latinas in Wine: Jesica Vargas from @andesuncorked


I’m Jesica and this is my wine story. 

We might be able to trace back the history of winemaking and the place of origin of each grape variety. But the truth is that most of the grapes that are currently grown all over the world can adapt very well to the climate in other regions besides their place of origin. For that reason, it seems as if they were universal. Perhaps, that is what makes wine so legendary. For humans the ability to adjust to new environments is important as well. 

As an immigrant who had to adapt to living in a new country and re-adjust back to my home country… and then move again, I can truly relate to that! This is one of the reasons why I like wine so much. 

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How I got into wine and what I’m currently doing

I was born in Mendoza, Argentina, one of the world’s wine capitals. At the age of fourteen, I came to the U.S. and spent my teenage years here. Then, I moved back to my home country. 

While I was in Argentina, I graduated from college with a degree in social communications and journalism. Then, I searched for a position that would allow me to develop my skills. Luckily, I got a job at a modern winery in Uco Valley and it fascinated me. 

So much work goes into making wine. From the vineyards to the marketing strategies and the tasting room, there are so many people involved in the process. At the end of the day the winery is more than a factory. It feels like home. Everybody is working to achieve one goal: a drink to share and connect with friends and family, and to indulge our senses. It’s impossible not to fall in love with the wine industry.

Last year, after more than a decade living in Argentina, I moved back to the U.S. Now, I feel like part of me belongs here and another part of me is still missing my home in Mendoza. However, it seems that I’m getting good at adjusting to new surroundings. Just like Malbec! 

In order to be successful here, I’ve focused on my education. I recently passed the WSET level 2 award in wines with distinction. Hopefully next year I’ll take the level 3 exam.

Also, taking advantage of my experience as a journalist and marketing and communications manager, I founded Andes Uncorked. This is the only blog (based in the U.S.) about Argentinian wines.  My goal is to tell the story of wine producers and provide useful content to sommeliers students and wine enthusiasts. 

Currently, I’m still paving the second half of my career path which is having my own business. I’m very proud of being able to promote wines from my home country. This industry has always inspired me to go above and beyond. That’s how amazing wine is. 

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