Summer Wines 2023

Latinas Wine Club Summer Wines 2023 is here! – With the 90s making a comeback, we’re in the mood for the classic “What a girl wants and needs,” as Christina Aguilera put it. This summer, we want a refreshing white wine, some bubbly to celebrate the solstice and beyond, and some chillable reds. Think of it as adding extra flavor to your summer festivities. Whether you want the bubbly, refreshing wine this summer or a chillable red, we got you, amiga!

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El vino mas refrescante: Beronia Rueda DO 2021

We can’t recommend Beronia Verdejo enough. The Beronia Rueda 2021 has a bright and clean appearance with a pale yellow color and green hints. Its intense aroma features citrus, white fruit, and fennel notes, typical of its grape variety. On the palate, it has a rich texture and a fresh, elegant taste with a slightly bitter finish, a characteristic of the Verdejo grape—an ideal accompaniment for all sorts of fish dishes, pasta, rice, and cheese. Puntitos Extra this wine is suitable for vegans.

Beronia Rueda DO Verdejo 2021

La elegancia Italiana: Prosecco 

Summer screams Prosecco. There’s a reason why everyone in Milano is enjoying Prosecco in every cute open restaurant. The reason is that Prosecco is an easily approachable, bubbly made with Glera grape that translates into floral and fresh aromas that dance in your boca. So tal vez no vamos on a trip to Italy this year because of inflation, y’all, but experience the Italian bubbly per excellence with La Marca Prosecco. There are two styles; whether you like the classic style or the Rosé, check some tasting notes and find them in your nearest store. Luckily, this Prosecco has excellent availability and is a great price point. 

La Marca Prosecco DOC (SRP: $19)

La Marca is one of Prosecco’s iconic producers. La Marca Prosecco is made from Glera grapes and is perfect for celebratory toasts due to its bright and refreshing taste. It’s also one of the most food-friendly wines: it is a textured contrast to smooth chilled soups like gazpacho and a fun match with fried foods, such as calamari.

La Marca Prosseco

La Marca 2021 Prosecco Rosé DOC (SRP: $19)

In 2020, Prosecco DOC Consortium welcomed Prosecco Rosé under the DOC labeling laws, and its popularity is on a meteoric rise. This sparkling wine mixes Glera and a small amount of Pinot Noir, resulting in a fruity and refreshing pinkish wine with delicate floral fragrances. It’s perfect for celebrating special occasions like engagement parties or graduations.

La Jefa Martha, a few years ago, was an ambassador for National Prosecco Week, and she recommends La Marca as a staple producer for this bubbly.

Los vinos de Austria: Austrian Rosé (2)

We studied Austria, so naturally, we wanted to keep exploring this region. Be ready to explore Austrian Rosé. La jefa Cynthia recommends Crazy Creatures Rosé from Austria, made from Saint Laurent and Pinot Noir, and Zantho Pink Rosé from Burgenland. Finding them might be challenging, but they are worth looking for because they are genuinely unique Rosé.

Crazy Creatures 2022 Rosé 

  • Wine Region: Niederösterreich, Austria
  • Grapes: Blend of Zweigelt, Sr. Laurent and Pinot Noir
  • 11.5% ABV

This Austrian Rosé is a lovely summer sipper; it is light and refreshing with a bright, elegant finish. This Rosé is pale orange in the glass, with ripe raspberries and citrus on the nose. It opens nicely with strawberries, apples, tangerine, and a crisp, dry finish. It drinks well, paired with friends and fabulous summer fare, headed to porch or patio? Don’t forget to pack an ice bucket and Crazy Creatures 2022 Rosé.

ZANTHO Pink 2022 Rosé

  • Wine Region: Burgenland, Austria
  • Grapes: Zweigelt
  • 12% ABV

Zweigelt is the most famous Austrian red grape, making for a most delicious Rosé! It is bright pink in the glass, on the nose, cherry, and summer ripe berries. Served chilled, it’s full of fruit, berries, and spiciness with a well-balanced acidic finish. This Rosé is a delight to drink and versatile with fish, cheese, salads, and everything from the grill.  

El Chillable Red : Veramonte Pinot Noir

Tomatelo despacito y un poco frio. Eso amiga, we can’t have enough of this Pinot Noir for summer nights to fulfill our dreams. This Vintage was challenging but fortunately succeeded in showcasing delicious red fruit and silky tannins, easy going that is dangerous.

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Summer Wines 2023

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