Wines of Sicilia DOC: Your next Italian Wine Region to explore

Wines of Sicilia DOC Events in New York City, June 2023 – Have you seen the White Lotus? Some iconic wineries featured are part of Sicilia, a beautiful Island in the South of Italy, and your next Italian Wine Region to explore. The wines are high in minerality, light and refreshing, and made with native grapes. For instance, the excellent white Sicilian wine made with hybrid and aromatic grape Grillo is one of them. We can highlight the Light-bodied Frapato and the bold and robust Nero D’ Avola on the red wines. When you try Sicilian Wines, you’re on for a treat with their minerality, unique textures, and flavor profiles.

Moreover, you will be surprised to learn how the Consortium has increased the awareness of its region on its own -without the White Lotus buzz- and how they have addressed climate change even first than many other regions of the world.

What is the purpose of the Wines of Sicilia DOC Consortium? 

Wines of Sicilia DOC Consortium protects the appellation Sicily DOC, unites the region’s wineries, and cross-promotes the region as a whole.

Sicilia DOC appellation was Established in 2011 and represented a leading force of innovation in the region, intending to enhance the islands’ millennial winemaking heritage and local grapes such as Nero d’Avola and Grillo, amongst others, through a sustainable approach.

Due to their impressive results, Sicily now boasts many wineries that recently gained recognition from Italian and foreign entrepreneurs. This success has been achieved through discovering ancient and modern vines and the determination and ingenuity of the companies involved. As a result, Sicily offers a wide range of quality wines suitable for any occasion or taste.

Wines of Sicilia DOC in New York

At Latinas Wine Club, we love to explore the regions of the world, and we are very curious about Sicily even more with the White Lotus fever. But until we travel there, we can’t complain in New York because Sicilian Wines are becoming more popular and available in retail and stores. Moreover, we were so happy, to join a series of events in New York featuring Sicilian Wines. First, our Founder, Martha Cisneros, was invited to meet Antonio Rallo, the President of the Wines of Sicily Consortium DOC, and Alessio Planeta to discuss more about what the Consortium is doing in terms of sustainability. Second, our Ambassador for the New York City Chapter, Constanza Pinto participated in the Wines of Sicilia DOC Trade and Media Tasting. The event offered various Sicilian wineries for attendees to taste.

  1. Di Giovanna
  2. Alessandro di Camporeale
  4. Cantine Ermes
  7. Casa Grazia
  9. Ansaldi – Baglio Donnafranca
  11. Tenute Navarra
  12. CVA Canicattí
  13. Azienda Agricola Benanti Ciro – Filari Della Rocca
  15. Tasca d’Almerita
  17. ASSULI
  18. Antico Frantoio sas
  20. Donnafugata
  23. Donnadicoppe

The Trade and Media tasting event was held at Nomo Soho. According to Constanza, the place with a unique vibe transports you to the Mediterranean with its colorful patio.

At the tasting event, most wines featured were made from the hybrid grape variety called Grillo. Grillo is a cross between Muscat de Alexandria and Catarrato grapes and is increasingly popular in the western region of Sicily.

Some of the wines that stood out to our Latinas Wine Club Ambassador Constanza Pinto were Donnafugata Sur Sur, La Segreta from Planeta, and Grillo from Cusumano Winery. “These wines are lovely to pair with seafood, cheeses such as goat’s cheese and mozzarella, grilled vegetables, and white meats.” Constanza recommended.

Wines of Sicilia DOC: Your next Italian Wine Region to explore

Not only for the White Lotus hype but be on the look for Grillo.

The quality of Sicilian Grillo expresses Mediterranean harmony through the fruity, citrus touches, aromatic herbs, and mineral nuances that come from the soil and climate characteristic of the area—an excellent alternative for white wine lovers.