Building an Inclusive Internet with Wine, Food, and Spirits Content that speaks to Latinos

At Latinas Wine Club we are  Building an Inclusive Internet with Wine, Food, and Spirits Content that speaks to Latinos. On this effort, we pay particular attention to SEO trends and our visitors. We have noticed increased views due to the Google Search engine changes. Almost a year ago, Google changed its search algorithm to prioritize user-generated content. Additionally, due to its artificial intelligence fact checker, Google prioritizes authentic voices and high-value content reviews. 

Google has not only changed how it presents information to users and updates algorithms but the way users search is also changing. Moreover, they present mixed results focusing on local content and diverse voices due to more awareness of cultural diversity worldwide.

How does that translate into Latinos searching for food, wine, and spirits?

In the past, marketing has treated Latinos as a sole group of people as if they were all the same, resulting in incorrect portrayals and misunderstandings about their identities and cultures in the public eye. Unfortunately, this misrepresentation still happens today. For instance, when looking for a restaurant or wine near you, the search engine presents locations close to your current position and other relevant results arranged by topics. These results are presented by authors with diverse points of view, calling Mexican a Tex-Mex restaurant, for instance, or Spanish Wine a Latin American Wine. At Latinas Wine Club, it is essential to reach any niche directly by speaking more about their cultural point of view and their broad perspectives and specifics because no Tex-Mex food is Mexican, yet they are both delicious.

Latinas Wine Club promotes diverse points of view online and beyond through community engagement by encouraging members to share their experiences with food, wine, and spirits. Our ambassadors, who work in the wine industry as hostesses or servers, are motivated to advance in their careers and expand their knowledge by attending wine-tasting events with professionals. In addition, we offer editorial services to compile their experiences and share their unique perspectives as Latinas. This content will be relevant for our members and the community at large.

 Building an Inclusive Internet with Wine, Food, and Spirits Content that speaks to Latinos
Enhance the accessibility of the content to Latinos

Should the information be written in English or Spanish when trying to reach Latinos?

Even though many searches are made in Spanish, the audience is at ease with reading content in English. If they come across an English website, only 20% will search for a Spanish website instead. Their top priority is obtaining the relevant information they require promptly.

To enhance the accessibility of the content to a broader audience, consider adding subtitles or translations for non-English terms or phrases that may be unfamiliar to some readers. This can help increase comprehension and engagement with the content.

Consider leveraging social media platforms to amplify the reach of any message and engage with a larger community of Latinos interested in food, wine, and spirits. This can also provide an opportunity to share user-generated content and showcase the diverse perspectives of Latinos by Latinos.

Let us tell a diverse wine or food story and contact us to partner or invite us to an event where our growing community can participate. The opportunities to create content for Latinos that can provide a diverse point of view to your brand are a great asset to a diversity and inclusive content strategy.