Jennifer Lopez launches Delola Spritz

On April 4, 2023, I checked my emails while riding the New York City Subway, and since then, I have been keeping up with the launch of Jennifer Lopez’s ready-to-drink Delola Spritz.

As a fan of the multifaceted artist, I receive the newsletter “On the JLo.” This newsletter has become the official channel to announce typically a new project the artist is working on before it falls on social media. So naturally, I get excited every time I receive it in my mailbox. This time I was astonished as I was scrolling and reading. Jennifer Lopez was venturing into the category of Ready-To-Drink, Spirits-Based, and Premixed, inspired by the lifestyle of an Italian aperitivo. 

Delola, The New-Spritz-On-The-Block

Delola Spritz currently offers three distinct flavor profiles: Bella Berry Spritz, made with Premium Vodka, berry, and hibiscus; Paloma Rosa Spritz, made with Tequila, grapefruit, and elderflower; and L’Orange Spritz, made with Amaro, orange, and passionfruit. I tried the Paloma Rosa Spritz and found it tangy, light, and refreshing, with subtle bubbles that persisted throughout the serving. Although the origin of the premium spirits used is undisclosed, the label indicates an alcohol percentage of 10.5% and the use of natural ingredients.

By entering the market of Premixed Spirits-Based Drinks, Delola has seen the opportunities. First, this market suppliers category has increased its revenue by 42% from 2020 to 2021, according to The Distilled Spirits Council (DISCUS). Second, Jennifer Lopez is the spokesperson and one of the founders of Delola Spritz, a female-founded company aiming to create something new, exciting, and better tasting in the spirits ready-to-drink that appeals to the public interested in this category but also to one of the fastest-growing demographic, Latinos.

Delola Spritz flavor profiles and aesthetics might appeal to Latinos’ desire to identify their culture’s richness, but elevating it by clashing with other world flavors. For instance, the Paloma Rosa Spritz flavor profile is similar to the classic Paloma cocktail we have enjoyed for the longest time, made with Tequila and Grapefruit Soda. However, the fact that Delola Paloma Rosa’s Spritz is adding an Elderflower Liquer touch elevates it to an out-of-the-box cocktail that we could only find in a trendy and lovely 20s-era kind of bar, and that is one of the upscale factors that this ready-to-pour Spritz is offering. Everyone should be able to enjoy an elegant, fancy, but not pricey cocktail like this -no more unachievable trendy cocktail. Just pour Delola over ice, serve, and enjoy.

As the Latinas Wine Club’s founder, I interact with our community through various events. Recently, I have noticed a growing interest among our members in trying Low-Calorie Premixed Spirits. In addition, many Latinas I have known from the wine-tasting seminars I have hosted are looking for options with unique flavor profiles that aren’t overly sweet, unlike the premixed spirits our mothers used to enjoy. Delola is a brand that meets these needs while offering an elegant aesthetic in its packaging, bottles, and social media inspired by the Amalfi Coast and the Bronx Crest.

Delola Spritz available in 3 flavors
Photo Credit: Martha Cisneros aka Winedivaa 2023 – Delola Spritz available in 3 flavors

Last but not least, Delola is available for everyone interested in enjoying the new Spritz-on-the-block, and as I always recommendwith moderation. I like that the product makes the crafty trendy cocktails approachable and ready to serve. Despite receiving some backlash, it will likely gain popularity as its availability keeps developing across many more states through its partnership with Southern Glaze. Currently Delola is available through Reserve Bar. I will keep track of Delola’s progress, but I am confident you will like it.

-Salud, Martha aka WineDivaa

Delola Spritz
Photo Credit: Martha Cisneros aka Winedivaa 2023 – Ready-To-Drink Delola Spritz

More about Delola Ready to Enjoy Spritz Cocktails

Delola Ready to Enjoy Spritz Cocktails was founded by international artist, actor, and entrepreneur Jennifer Lopez, her business partner Benny Medina and global drinks veterans Ken Austin and Jenna Fagnan. The name DELOLA came from a long-time nickname given to Ms. Lopez; “Lola,” thus Delola or “from Lola.” With three expressions – Bella Berry Spritz, crafted with Premium Vodka, berry, and hibiscus; Paloma Rosa Spritz, crafted with Premium Tequila, grapefruit, and elderflower and L’Orange Spritz, crafted with Amaro, Orange, and Passionfruit. Each product comes in 375ml (SRP $11.99) and 750ml bottles (SRP $22.99). The liquids are spirit-based and made with natural botanicals, ranging from 10.5% (21 proof) to 11.5% alcohol (23 proof), are approximately 110 calories or less per 5oz serving, and are gluten-free. Beam Suntory is a minority investor and global distribution partner for Delola, which will be sold in the finest grocery and spirit stores, restaurants, and bars in The United States beginning in April. Visit @Delola on Instagram or its website,