Stories of Latinas in Wine: Cynthia Rodriguez, What about Texas Wine?

When you think of Texas what comes to mind?  Do you think of Cowboys, Rodeo or Barbeque?  What about Texas Wine?  

My name is Cynthia Rodriguez.  I am proud to be a Latinas Wine Club Ambassador.  I come from a large extended family, living in Central Texas. Our roots run deep in this area with Mexican and German influences.  We enjoy good food and wine.  More recently we have had the opportunity to explore wines from our own great State.  

Everything really is bigger in Texas!  Texas is the largest of the contiguous states with over 268 square miles.  We are the second-most populated state in the entire US. Around 28 million people live in Texas, with so many Texans we have a variety of culture and influences.  Texas has a long history of wine production.   In the late 1600s Franciscan priests planted vines and as European settlers followed, they brought even more vines to develop the wine industry in the 1800s.  Today Texas is the 5th largest wine producing State with over 500 wineries.  Texas has over 4,500 acres producing vineyard farmland with over 45 grape varietals. 

Texas wine regions. 

Texas has 5 grape growing regions with 8 American Viticultural Areas (AVAs)

See a brief list of Texas Wine Regions according to the Texas Wine and Grape Growers Association

  • Region 1 Texas High Plains & Panhandle 
  • Region 2 North Texas 
  •  Region 3 Southeast Texas – Gulf Coast 
  • Region 4 West Texas
  • Region 5 Texas Hill Country 

 Learn more about Texas Wine and Grape Growers Association at

On behalf of Texas, I personally  invite you to visit our great state where you can explore award winning Texas Wine as well as Cowboys, Rodeo and Barbeque! 

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