Holiday Wine List

Holidays are upon us! Yesterday, during our Wine School zoom session, we enjoyed learning about how to put together a Holiday Wine List with Wines from Israel, New Mexico and Le Marche, Italy. Perhaps not your typical choices but as a diverse community we like to celebrate the underdog or the next region to watch. On top of that, you usually get a lot of value for quality with wines from not very well known regions. Hence, this Year Latinas Wine Club proposed a Holiday Wine List out of the typical reds or Champagne.

Celebrate with a diverse wine selection

Christmas Eve is very important to many Latinos. We usually have dinner on the night of the 24th. For some of us, this special gathering. Perhaps. even more important and celebratory than Christmas Day. However, we will still have a Lunch on Christmas Day and it will include an array of dishes and flavors. Furthermore, the Latino wine lovers perhaps will introduce to many of the family members into wine. This is a very special day to introduce them to very special and unique wine regions.

For instance, Cava from Comtats de Barcelona region in Spain is perhaps not your go to sparkling wine. This is such a great quality Sparkling that can be enjoyed as an aperitif and throughout an entire meal. We spoke yesterday during our zoom class on Holiday Wine List about how the region is producing outstanding quality Sparkling Wines and is widely available in the USA through many retail stores and wineries that have a connection with Spanish Heritage such as Vara Winery from New Mexico.

Another great example of a region to watch that is producing great quality price wines is Le Marche, Italy. Unique microclimates make Le Marche, The New Tuscany. We have been evangelizing about Passerina Brut from Velenosi Vini for the past year and is an excellent versatile Sparkling Wine that can take you from Brunch to Lunch, from Spring to Winter, drink it by itself or in cocktails. Works deliciously as an aperitif or for an entire seafood meal -bacalao anyone?-.

Last but not least, Israel has been producing wines since before Christ! How special will it be to enjoy wines of great quality and value such as Israel Wines the place where Jesus where born? Yesterday, we discussed the appellations of Israel, the quality price, what it means kosher -that sometimes is misleading- and many insights on how Israel is five thousand years young.

Get the Holiday Wine List

You can still get any of the wines from the class for the Holidays below:

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