Black History Month: amplifying the stories of Afro-Latinas in Wine and Spirits.

In 1976, Black History Month was formally established by President Gerald Ford, and we now celebrate it to highlight the contributions and heritage of African Americans in our nation.

At Latinas Wine Club, we are proud to remember the accomplishments of African Americans in all fields of endeavor, including wine, during Black History Month.

We enjoy sharing a few inspiring stories by fierce Latinas that also identify as BIPOC this month, starting with Amanda Victoria, CEO, and Co-Founder, of Siponey Spritz Co™, who our Founder Martha Cisneros had the pleasure to interview. 

What inspired you to start “Siponey Spritz Co.™ ?

Amanda: I launched Siponey Spritz Co.™ when I was 6 months pregnant, just prior to the pandemic, after 15 years in the alcohol industry, alongside my partner in life and business, Joey Mintz. As a Bronx-born, Puertorriqueña, Latina / woman of color, industry veteran, and new mother navigating the trials and tribulations of corporate to entrepreneurship over the last several years, I am on a mission to recover the environment by honoring honeybees and their role in our ecosystem, all while creating a fabulous canned cocktail to enjoy. We are the first-ever B Corp certified canned cocktail, a stamp of approval for our commitment to sustainability. We commit 2% of revenues annually to non-profit environmental organizations around the world and are dedicated to saving honeybees, one can at a time.

Any advice for Latina Entrepreneurs ?

Amanda: Siponey Spritz Co.™ is proudly Latina, Afro-Latina, and Jewish-owned by a team born and raised in NYC. Every day I strive to use my experiences as a CEO to be a voice for those who may not have a seat at the table, and to inspire others like my own daughter to follow their dreams. 

Where can we find more information about Siponey Spritz Co ?

Amanda: Follow us on  Twitter InstagramFacebook, LinkedIn, and on our website

About Siponey Spritz Co.™

Siponey Spritz Co.™ makes premium award-winning fizzy and refreshing spirits-based cocktails with natural ingredients. They are changing how the world drinks by putting the planet at the forefront of their business as the first B Corp-certified cocktail company. Siponey Spritz Co.™ is Latina-founded by cocktail industry veteran Amanda Victoria and her partner, horticulturist and business operations expert Joey Mintz. Siponey Spritz Co. is proudly Latina, Afro-Latina, and Jewish-owned. Siponey Spritz Co.™ commits 2% of revenues annually to non-profit environmental organizations worldwide and is dedicated to saving honeybees; one can at a time. Learn more about Siponey Spritz Co.™ at and follow them on InstagramFacebook and YouTube.