Why You Should Celebrate National Wine Day

It almost seems unnecessary to have a special day for enjoying wine, especially for our Latinas Wine Club, but it is a great opportunity to highlight why wine is an important part of our lives. Let’s explore some of the reasons to celebrate this day:

Wine Has Potential Health Benefits

It has been widely reported that wine has a slew of health benefits when consumed in moderation—one glass daily for women, and two glasses daily for men. While many experts state much of this evidence is observational, there are as slew of studies that suggest red wine can combat inflammation, sharpen your mind, promote longevity, and may improve your mood. Studies have also found that moderate drinkers of wine have lower risks of liver disease, Type II diabetes, certain types of cancers, heart attack, and stroke. https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/heart-disease/in-depth/red-wine/art-20048281 While you should always check with your medical provider about wine consumption, we believe it has definitely helped our mood—especially during these pandemic months!

Wine is Akin to Drinking History…and the Future

If you want to time travel to the past just grab a glass of wine. As one of the oldest beverages on our planet, wine is at least 8,000 years old! The oldest evidence of grape cultivation was found recently in Georgia where researchers discovered earthenware jars with residual wine compounds. These researchers noted that wine was as central to human civilization back then as it continues to be now. We couldn’t agree more! As a social lubricant, key to potential health benefits, and a highly-valued commodity, wine is our future as well. Wine palates will change over time as younger drinkers explore the world of wine, and winemaking processes may evolve but wine is eternal. Let’s celebrate our past and our future with a glass!

Wine is Critical to our Economy and We Need to Support it

Our domestic wine industry was dealt a triple-blow in 2020. First, smoke taint from wildfires ruined harvests from Oregon, Washington, and California. The pandemic followed with an economic shutdown that closed wineries and tasting rooms across our country, destabilized wine sales channels, and resulted in significant job losses in the hospitality industry. Finally, tariffs imposed on European wine imports due to an unrelated trade dispute have devastated both suppliers in Europe and wine importers and distributors within our borders. In addition, Europe is experiencing losses of approximately €1 billion in exports and unprecedented surpluses in wine inventory. Our U.S. wine industry results in a $220 billion economic impact and is critical to overall stability of our economy. Let’s drink wine and remember the essential role this sector plays in our global economy.

Well, Amigas, there you have it! Just in case you were looking for a little wine drinking rationale for this special day, you now have three! Salud and remember to enjoy responsibly!


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