● Martha Cisneros Paja pays tribute to Mexican wine to change perceptions and cross borders
● The book released on September 22 on Amazon’s online pl atform is already an Amazon Best Seller.

New York, New York October 2, 2023- As a tribute to the legacy of national wine and its evolution and to encourage its consumption, the Mexican Martha Cisneros Paja, leader and businesswoman in the industry wine industry, is once again traveling the path of success, now with the launch of its book “Mexican Wines: A Guide to Fall in Love with Wines of México.”

Martha honors and captures her love for Mexican wines. She is a guide for the reader who knows the quality of Mexican wine and the passion with which it is produced, thereby crossing borders.

The pages allow the reader to visit the cradle of wine in  Latin America. The author features Coahuila and other wine regions of Mexico, such as Baja California, Querétaro, and Aguascalientes.

In the eyes of the world, Mexico should be more than tacos and tequila, so, with her experience and knowledge, Cisneros also seeks to emphasize the identity of Mexican wines from an international perspective. “The opportunities for the Mexican wine industry internationally are infinite. This book is a first edition resulting from my multiple efforts that seek to make Mexican wines known over the years.”

“Mexican Wines: A Guide to Fall in Love with Wines of México” also offers a vision for the future of Mexican wine in the global market, its challenges, and opportunities such as achieving sustainable and competitive production. “Factors such as distribution, sales, education, or awareness are some of the options that the wine industry has to follow to enter the global market.

According to the Mexican Wine Council, there are 230 wineries and companies wine marketers in Mexico; in the last decade, the consumption of this product increased by 20 percent. As the United States’ closest neighbor, Mexican Wines have a great opportunity in business,” she quotes.

Some of the wineries she highlights in her book are Casa Madero in Coahuila, which she visited for the first time when she was 15 years old: Rivero González, Don Leo, and Monte Xanic, among others.
Lulú Martinez Ojeda, winemaker at Bruma Vinícola, describes this book as a valuable contribution to the world of wine and a tribute to Mexican viticulture. “They are going to learn about grapes rooted in the history of Mexico, their identity, the international influences that have found a new home in these lands,” highlights Ojeda in the prologue.

“Mexican Wines: A Guide to Fall in Love with Wines of México” was released on September 22 and is available on the Amazon online platform  becoming an Amazon Best Seller just a few days after the launch..

Martha is an engineer with a master’s degree in information sciences and a communicator, and she combines her passions: technology and wine.
She resides in New York and is an example of a skilled immigrant opening doors on different scenes for the Latino community. Three years ago, she started Latinas Wine Club, a  platform to empower and elevate Latinas through wine education.

In December 2022, together with the Mexican Consulate, she held a tasting of Mexican wines to educate Mexican restaurants about the Industry, where importers, distributors, and the Mexican Consul of Foreign Affairs and Economic Development.

This effort helped to make Mexican wines known in New York.
Thanks to her work of sharing her wine perspective as multifaceted woman who  and as Founder of Latinas Wine Club, she has been selected as part of Wine’s Future 40 list.Enthusiast 2023.

“If you had told me that she would go from being a blogger to an influencer and educator of wine in seven years, I wouldn’t have believed it,” she noted.

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Martha Cisneros Paja, Author of Mexican Wines a Guide to fall in love with Wines of México