Martha Cisneros Paja, Founder of Latinas Wine Club Inc., has been selected as a member of Wine Enthusiast’s Future 40 List for 2023.

Martha Cisneros Paja, Founder of Latinas Wine Club Inc., has been selected as a member of Wine Enthusiast’s Future 40 List for 2023.

New York, New York August 23, 2023 // Every year, Wine Enthusiast recognizes the hardworking individuals who shape America’s Wine, alcohol, and beverage landscape. The recently announced list of 2023 honorees is online, available immediately at A Future 40-related article will appear in the October 2023 issue of Wine Enthusiast.

Before 2022, Wine Enthusiast’s Future 40 List was known as the 40 Under 40, but we have pivoted to represent better the inclusion of this feature was always meant to convey and relaunched the list as Future 40 (which no longer has any age restriction for myriad reasons). 

At Latinas Wine Club, we applaud and recognize the labor of love and passion that Martha Cisneros Paja, our Founder, CEO, Wine Educator, and Editor in Chief, has done for the past years.

In her own words, our Founder expresses deep gratitude for being chosen for the cohort. “If you told me that I would go through a transformation from a wine blogger to a wine influencer and educator within seven years, I would not have believed it. My expertise in technology has enabled me to merge my passion for Wine and social media, resulting in a second career.” 

As a Latina in the industry, she remains devoted to empowering other Latinas to pursue their aspirations of holding managerial positions or becoming wine curators for stores or restaurants. She aims to bring attention to this consumer segment and continue bringing awareness to diversity in Wine and beyond.

 Our Founder’s strategic vision encompasses a comprehensive range of in-person and digital initiatives. Through in-person and online activities, the main focus is to help break down stereotypes and misconceptions about who can enjoy Wine and who belongs in the wine industry. Wine education is the focus of the Wine School, which runs over two semesters. 

There is a strong sense of community and belonging within Latinas Wine Club. We have used strategic SEO to engage Latinas seeking to connect with like-minded wine enthusiasts. For instance, Constanza Pinto’s, Ambassador of Latinas Wine Club for the New York City Chapter and individual journey exemplifies the challenge. “A friend suggested I search for ‘Latinas who love wine in New York’ on Google, and that’s how I discovered the Latinas Wine Club. Since then, I have connected with the group, participated in virtual and in-person events, and formed connections with other Latina wine lovers and friends.”

Latinas Wine Club brings a unique perspective and voice to the wine industry. We appreciate Wine Enthusiast recognizing our Founder as one of the Top Tastemakers Future 40 in 2023. This week, we will unveil celebrations for our third anniversary and toast our founder and team’s achievements.

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