A Beautiful Women, Wine, and Education Connection

It’s a well-known fact that women make 20% less than men in the workplace. It’s also a sad fact that even though great strides have been made to close the education gender gap at the primary school level, disparities in secondary education and training still persist in the global arena. Labor force participation is an important criterion of women’s participation in economic life and ensuring equal access to college, post-secondary education, and training is key ensuring women have the same opportunities as men. But financial access to secondary education and beyond continues to be uneven preventing many women from being able to matriculate, even if access is technically equal.

Access to Education Scholarships Still Skewed

There is a disparity between the resources given to male students versus those distributed to females in order to ensure academic, financial, and graduation outcomes success. As a result, the need for female-specific scholarship resources are vital to encouraging women to have a successful college and post-grad experience. One of these important programs is the Miss America Foundation (MAF), which has proudly provided scholarships for young women in the fields of science, technology, engineering, mathematics, medicine, the military, athletics, and social impact initiatives.

When Wine, Women, and Education Intersect

Having benefited from a generous scholarship from the MAF, Marian McKnight Conway, a former Miss America, forged a partnership with Carmody Estate Winery to make wines available that benefit the MAF’s activities to provide scholarships to young women. Together with her husband Gary Carmody Conway, these wines from the West Paso Robles wine region represent the best of this appellation while raising awareness and funds for women’s college scholarships. Just announced, this project realizes a decades-long commitment toward the economic and social advancement of all women through education opportunities and career mentoring. More information on these wines can be found here .

To join Carmody McKnight Estate wine allocation, go to: Forever Miss America Wines
To support the Forever Miss America Scholarship Fund, go to: https://kindest.com/invest-in-women-ensure-world-development.