5 Urban Wineries we recently discovered

The best advice we can give to any wine lover will be to visit a winery. However, many of us perhaps don’t live near a wine country, and traveling there will take us some time. We recently came across a couple of new and well-established Urban Wineries that are a great alternative to wine countries. Urban Wineries are located in the city perimeter but sometimes make wine at the location or near their tasting room, far away from the countryside. However, having an urban winery is an exceptional resource, and you might be lucky to live near one. If you are wondering where you can find one, we are sharing 5 Urban Wineries in the northeast. If you live near any of them, go and visit them by all means!

Rooftop Reds in Brooklyn

Located in the vibrant neighborhood of Brooklyn, Rooftop Reds is an innovative winery situated, as its name indicates, on a Rooftop. Rooftop Reds is one of the first urban wineries located on a rooftop. It is very inspiring to see the vines on a roof. Watching the Brooklyn skyline and sunset from this location while sipping any of their wines will be a New York must experience.

City Winery New York

City Winery in New York has multiple venues throughout the City. However, the location that we are recommending you to is located in Hudson River Park. This location offers excellent views of Little Island NYC, is next to Chelsea Market, close to The High Line, and a short walk to The Whitney Museum. For more information, click here.

Brooklyn Winery

A commercial urban winery operates in the vibrant neighborhood of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY. Brooklyn Winery sources grapes from boutique vineyards across the country. They have a unique small plates menu and year wine releases that are amazing and affordable. If you can’t travel to a winery, visit Brooklyn Winery and get a similar experience and great hospitality.

Urban Grape in Boston

The Urban Grape is the only store globally that sells wine by the body rather than the varietal or region—a philosophy that creates a sense of welcoming and ease not often found while shopping for wine. The store is dedicated to making all people feel like wine is for them by breaking down barriers and creating access. Urban Grape is also one of the country’s largest sellers of BIPOC-owned and -produced wines. Check their website here.

Detroit Vineyards

Detroit makes things!  Why not wine?  Detroit Vineyards is the only urban winery of its kind. Every wine, cider and mead that we sell is produced and bottled right here in our winery in Eastern Market, Detroit. We are lucky enough to work with Domaine Berrien and Karma Vista in the Lake Michigan Shore AVA, Tabone on the Old Mission Peninsula and Engle Ridge and Altonen on the Leelenau Peninsula. Celebrating Michigan’s Diverse Agriculture Quality Wines.

While high-quality wine coming out of an urban center might seem surprising, wine-making in Detroit can actually be traced to Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac, the founder of Detroit. After the French settled Detroit in 1701, Cadillac established a vineyard for making high quality wine in the rich soil along the Detroit River, one of the first vineyards in America. Cadillac described his Michigan grapes to have “very thin skin and full of good juice”. Today, Detroit Vineyards manages one Vineyard in the City of Detroit and sources the best quality fruit possible from Vineyards in Southwestern and Northern Michigan. Michigan Grown. Detroit Made.

Their wines are Michigan Grown and  Detroit Made. They bring fruit in from select vineyards throughout Michigan!  Working with growers in the Lake Michigan Shore, Leelenau  and Old Mission Peninsula AVAs, we showcase the best of Michigan Viticulture right there in Detroit.

The Wine Club Subscription makes a great gift for when you want the flavors you love to keep on coming! 

For more information, please visit: https://detroitvineyards.com/ or RSVP here