Best advice for a Wine Lover: Visit a Winery!

Our Virginia/D.C./Maryland ambassador Emy from @saluteandwine made a resolution for the year to visit more wineries and she has been doing just that! Below she shares her experiences.

Long time no talk guys, life is a whirlwind! 

Emy Urquidi @saluteandwine

Balancing a full-time job, a growing social media account, supporting Latina’s Wine Club and having an Etsy store, time management is no joke. My personal life includes so many different changes including celebrating my second month at my new job and moving into a new apartment with my boyfriend! So far, we’ve been dating for almost five years now and we’ve been more than ready to take the next big step in living together. We’re very excited and I’m also excited to have a brand-new space to shoot content in.

Lastly, I have a few new collaborations in the works with about two different wine brands that I’ve yet to work with. These two brands have been on my bucket list in representing and I’m so ecstatic to share with my audience so make sure to keep up on my Instagram. All things aside, I’ve made a resolution for the year to visit more wineries and I’ve been doing just that. So far, I’ve visited about three different wineries that I’ve visited again, and it’s been such a thrill.

The first winery that I visited in the year was Cana Vineyards in Middleburg, Virginia. It’s easy to fall in love with this winery due to the gorgeous scenery of mountains, the beautiful architecture, and the delicious wines. Not to mention that they also have multiple firepits that are for use when the weather is chilly. One of my favorite parts of this winery was the beautiful indoor/outdoor wine tasting room with top to bottom glass walls. What a perfect way to keep warm while being able to have access to the amazing outdoor scenery right?  

The second winery that I’ve visited was Fox Meadow Winery located in Linden, Virginia. The neighborhood and the architecture around the winery were just jaw dropping gorgeous. The winery is located on top of one of the Shenandoah mountains with again, an amazing view. The winery includes two indoor tasting rooms, and two outdoor tasting areas. The winery is incredibly beautiful with wooden flooring and exposed wood beams. The wines are specifically curated to showcase Virginia’s wine making, and as well as international wines.  

The third winery that I’ve visited was called Creeks Edge Winery to celebrate Valentine’s Day. The interior of this winery was so unique and rustic, the chandeliers were grand and beautiful. This winery has a multitude of wines available to taste, merchandise, and small bites. My favorite part of this winery was the barrel staircase and room. The architect curated this room to appear and reminisce the inside of a wine barrel with a gorgeous ceiling view. They also have the actual vineyard available to tour, walk through and to really see the wine making process.  

I’ve been so proud posting these local wineries on my Instagram to further promote our Virginia wine country. Did you know that Wine Folly recognized Virginia as must-visit wine country? Seeing that post and article made my heart so full. It’s nice catching up with you guys, as always, I’m so thankful to be a part of this amazing sisterhood at Latina’s Wine Club. Thank you for spending this time with me, now go off and drink some wine!  

Your friend,  Emmy (@saluteandwine)