Spike your Ice Cream Game this July

Spike your ice cream game this July!

July means summer in full bloom, gatherings on the patio, summer wines in hand, and it keeps getting better because National Ice Cream Month has arrived! 

Whether you enjoy a single-serve from your favorite purveyor or buy it in bulk from the grocery store, we have some ideas to spike up your ice cream game this July.

  • Cotton Candy Ice Cream Burrito: If you have a sweet tooth, this recipe is for you! Simply place pink and blue cotton candy onto a piece of parchment paper and press down to flatten. Next, add three scoops of vanilla ice cream on top of the flattened cotton candy. Picking up the parchment paper, roll the cotton candy over the ice cream, creating a “burrito” effect. Once covered, cut the cotton candy and ice cream in half and enjoy! 

Latinas Wine Club Twist: Add 2 oz of Moscato D’ Asti per scoop of ice cream (1/2 cup) and enjoy a tipsy ice cream burrito.

  • Avocado Ice Cream: Next time you’re craving a cold treat, try this unusual ice cream flavor! To make it, add 3 avocados into a blender. Add in whipping cream, lemon juice, honey, and blend! Once everything is mixed evenly, place the mixture into the freezer to let it set. Once it’s frozen, scoop it out and top it with chocolate shavings, and you’re all set! 

Latinas Wine Club Twist:  Add 2 oz of Grenache Rosé per scoop of ice cream (1/2 cup) and enjoy a tipsy avocado ice cream

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