Mexico: Birthplace and Future of Wine in the Americas

We tend to associate our neighbor to the south with beer and tequila, but Mexico is actually the birthplace of wine in the Americas with bottlings occurring in the 1530s.  The first winery in the New World—Casa Madero—was established in Parras, Coahuilain 1597 and continues to produce fine wines today.  Like most of the Americas, vineyards in Mexico were originally planted by Spanish missionaries and today total about 8000 acres.  Varietals were imported from Europe, but styles range widely from those clinging to Old World traditions to those embracing progressive New World innovation. 

What are Mexico’s main wine regions? 

It’s the oldest wine producing region in the Western Hemisphere, but Mexico is the embodiment of unfettered New World winemaking. Official appellations are non-existent but informal regional demarcations have arisen over the last 20 years. Baja California–with the Valle de Guadalupe as its heart–is by far the largest region producing about 90% Mexico’s wine. It’s cooler climate is more suitable for winemaking than Mexico’s mostly hot other regions. However, quality winemaking is also occurring in the Guanajuato, or “Cuna de Independencia” area around San Miguel de Allende,  Valle de Bernal, Valle de Parras, and the Valle de Linares in Nuevo León.

Does Mexico have a signature wine style? 

While Mexico has made strides in recent years in fine-tuning which varietals are best suited for its emerging regions, it’s still a long way from defining a signature style–and to its credit many would argue. The array of varietals produced in its granite to sandy soils range from traditional Bordeaux and Rhone Valley workhorses to Italian grapes. Cabernet Sauvignon, Tempranillo, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, and Nebbiolo are ubiquitous.  Most wines are blends—some Bordeaux-esque while others are totally novel! And while there are a few larger, commercial producers, avant garde, boutique wineries abound touting their sustainable practices and focus on artisanal, and low intervention winemaking techniques.  

Stay tuned as we tell the exciting story of Mexican wine–it’s at once the past and future of wine in the Americas. And while the story unfolds discover the portfolio of La Competencia Imports for a dynamic selection of Mexico’s best wine. Salud! 

Join us to discussthe exciting story of Mexican wine- a glance at the past and future

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