Happy Women’s History Month!

What began as a mere week in 1982 is now a full month proclaimed by the president to celebrate the contributions women have made to our country and recognize the specific achievements women have made over the course of our history. Of course we at Latinas Wine Club celebrate women all year long, but we are going to seize this time to honor our vital role in American history.

Wine and Public Policy are a Great Pairing

Last week we kicked off Women’s history month early with our panel on women leaders in the wine industry and in public service. We were honored to host Amy Bess Cook, founder of Women-Owned Wineries (WOW), a national wine club featuring women-owned wineries and brands, and Cheryl Williams, Vice President of the Women’s Congressional Policy Institute (WCPI), the leading non-profit women’s policy organization supporting women in Congress. Both leaders in their respective areas, they shared with us just how far women have come, as well as how we can continue to move forward to address institutional inequities. During this empowering and inspiring discussion, we learned just how critical it is to continue to increase our numbers in leadership roles and the importance of serving as role models to younger women. Normalizing the role of women in leadership is key to our future success at

What resources are available to support women in wine and public service?

Amy Bess, who was also awarded Imbibe Magazine’s Person of the Year for her efforts to empower and support women in the wine industry, and Cheryl, who is helping to shape the next generation of women leaders, provided numerous resources to members wanting to support women’s advancement in wine and public service. For wine-related initiatives wine visit Women of the Vine and Spirits, the Roots Fund, Celebrating Hispanic Roots, and source your wine from WOW. If you have your sights set on public service or want to learn how to support women in Congress, visit the WCPI website which has information on scholarships, training, and internship programs.

Sharing a glass with these motivating women and our Latinas Wine Club community last week was the perfect toast to Women’s History Month! All month long we are going to tout women in wine through our classes, social media content, and other exciting formats. Stay tuned Amigas!

Salud! Martha and Erlinda, Your Jefas in Vino