How to Enjoy Wine Better

Dry January, Low Alcohol, Mocktails, Damp-January or don’t you care? Amiga, whatever trend you are into, we have two tips for enjoying Wine better when you are in the mood, during meals, and when hosting or participating in events. 


Putting your utensils down between bites of food is a great way to slow down the speed at which you are eating. 

Even better if you take a moment to breathe and take a sip of Wine to be present and savor the meal.


  1. Standard Bottle. – A standard bottle of Wine is 750ml, or 25 oz, and will net you about five glasses.
  2. Half Bottle. – Smaller bottles than the standard, usually 375 ml, common on Sparkling Wines or sweet wines. These are demi bottles and will net you about two to three glasses.

Wine is meant to be enjoyed and to bring people together. However, remember that we should always consume alcohol in moderation. If you want to learn more about Wine, join our Wine School events this year. Check the schedule here.