Fall Wine Guide 2022

Halloween, Thanksgiving, Turkey, Pumpkin Spice, and Apple Pie. The fall flavors are here, and we selected wines that pair exquisitely with autumnal flavors and Latin American twists -did someone say Tamales? Check them out below and let us know if you try any suggested pairings. Even better, tag us in your photos. We would love to see them!!

Veramonte Sauvignon Blanc 2021

Sauvignon Blanc made in Chile? Yes! We recently reviewed the Wines from Chile in our Virtual Masterclass, and this one was one of the wines we tasted. Made with Organic Grapes, This Sauvy is Vibrant, Crisp, and Fresh. Yet it has greenish hints on the aromas and flavors – as a typical Sauvy note- it has predominantly harmonious flavors of citrus fruits such as lemon and a touch of tangerine, blended with subtle floral notes. Smooth and fresh, this Sauvignon Blanc has an excellent mouthfeel and a long crispy acidity at the end.

Pair this with Tamales de Rajas Verdes for a fiesta on your palate.


Beronia Reserva 2017

Beronia Reserva 2017 es un vinazo! Made from a selection of the best grapes from the oldest Tempranillo vines, plus some Graciano y Mazuelo, this Reserva, despite the extreme conditions during the vintage of 2017, resulted in excellent quality wine, although the quantity was low.

First, the harvest was drought, and high summer temperatures were conditioned by the effects of the frost in April. Then, rain and Showers in August helped complete the ripening equilibrium and increased production expectations. 


Get your hands on this histrionic Reserva that will enchant you with the attractive and intriguing nutty aromas of roasted almonds and walnuts – followed by notes of plum primarily but also ripe fruit and a pleasant hint of white pepper, which all add complexity and freshness. Full-bodied the palate, the Wine displays balanced acidity. Again, the flavors are primarily ripe fruit, while the finish is sweet and smooth, bringing to mind cacao and roasted hazelnuts. 

Pair this with Turkey on Thanksgiving Day or any other fall gathering with grilled cutlets, cured Ibérico meats, and mature cheese. It is recommended to drink now or until 2029.

WINE101: Crianza, Reserva, and Gran Reserva are the classifications of Wine according to the aging time in the Spain Pyramid of Wine Styles. Crianza, the youngest one, is aged two years, Reserva is three years, and Gran Reserva is aged five years.

Tio Pepe Palomino Fino

Hear us when we say that Sherry from Jerez is so chic! Many of our abuelitas used to enjoy this iconic Wine from Jerez, which they called the Sun from Andalucia!

Palomino Fino is a dry wine from Jerez, Spain, made from Palomino grapes. Remarkably, the grapes destined for Tio Pepe Palomino Fino are of hand-selected quality.

During the fermentation, they foster the perfect conditions to form a layer of yeast known as flor on the surface of the Wine.

This flor is the most critical influence on the Fino wine as it protects it from oxygen and gives its unique aroma and character. The Wine remains for a minimum of 4 years following the traditional Solera system under the floor. The winemaker constantly supervises the production.

Since the flor protects Tio Pepe from oxygen, it has been able to maintain a pale golden yellow color. On the nose, sharp yet elegant aromas of the yeast from the flor balanced with almond notes typical of the Palomino variety. On the palate dried with reminders of almonds, green olives, and green apples and was slightly bitter. Surprisingly fresh air after 4 years spent in oak with a long and complex finish.


WINE101: Sherry is classified as Fortified Wine.  The world of Sherry is fabulous, and despite a very traditional wine from Spain with such a remarkable legacy, here at Latinas Wine Club, we are just starting to discover it. 

Smith Devereux

We recently came across Ian Devereux, the man behind Smith Devereux Wines, and we were very curious about his Napa Valley Wines that embrace the California vibes. These wines are perfect for enjoying with friends during tailgates or Halloween gatherings. They are approachable, welcoming, and with great character. Learn more about Smith Devereux @smihdevereuxwines and @ian_devereux_white

Smith Devereux California No 3 Red Blend 2020 

No 3 Red Blend is a full-bodied, luscious Syrah with the fruit and smoke of Zinfandel and the dark fruit and structure of Merlot.
With aromas and flavors of ripe red fruit, blackberry pie, raspberry, dark chocolate, vanilla, and toasty oak pair particularly well with a fall night, graham crackers, smores, and a relaxing moment in front of the fireplace, or even a Fall Netflix and Chill Date night.


Smith Devereux Special Edition Napa Valley Cabernet 2018 

Typically the Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon is a bold and tannic wine. Smith Devereux Special Edition Napa Valley Cabernet 2018 is a softer, more balanced expression of a Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon. With aromas of red stone fruits such as cherry and florals as lavender and cocoa confirm the flavors in the palate as well as a hint of bread due to the malolactic fermentation such as if you were tasting a slice of cherry pie, without the sugar with a touch of spices and soft tannins for a mellow and long end.

Pairs this with red meats, red sauces, and even heartier fish such as Atlantic Salmon or Halibut with Tomatoes Sauce and capers.


Smith Devereux California SB White Blend 2021 

No te confundas hermana, this is not a Sauvignon Blanc. Yet it is super refreshing. SB White Blend 2021 is a blend of 64% Chardonnay and 36% Pinot Gris grown in California! SB stands for the names of Ian Devereux’s sons, Sonny and Benjamin.

This light and refreshing White Blend is a crowd-pleaser. The acidity is such that it is the perfect squeeze of lemon or lime for any seafood plate, even romeritos. Dry, crisp, and refreshing, with citrus notes and hints of tropical flavors.

Enjoy this during Fall Taco Tuesday or Tailgating with light grilled meats or fish (especially fish tacos). Did we mention pairs wonderfully with Tacos?


Just Enough Wines

Canned Wines are of great quality if you select a great producer. We have been learning about this sustainable form of packaging, and we will continue to do so in our next Wine School class, along with the Women-Owned Just Enough Wines. Learn more at @justenoughwines

Just Enough Chardonnay 2021

2021 Chardonnay comes from Santa Rita Hills on the Central Coast of California. Close to the Pacific Ocean, the cool climate gives this Chardonnay a luscious, juicy flavor balanced with bright acidity. Cool-Climate Chardonnay pairs succulently with chicken wings, grilled fish, or light meats. Enjoy now!

Just Enough Rosé 2021

Rosé is for all year! Especially this blend of Grenache, Cinsault, Syrah, Mourvedre, and Carignane from the warm Central Coast of California, if enjoyed at room temperature, is an excellent option for Wine and Food pairings during the Fall.

The aromas and flavors of guava, tangerine and smooth honey finish pair excellently with baked pears with walnuts and honey.

Just Enough Pinot Noir 2021

This Pinot Noir is produced on the Central Coast of California from organically farmed vineyards, which makes great quality wine. With aromas of fresh red berries and a hint of vanilla, this Pinot Noir is a crowd-pleaser. Drink by itself or Pair with Chicken based plates, or also is a great alternative for Thanksgiving Turkey.