When “La Competencia” is Good for Community

The word “competition” can take on a negative connotation—it refers to a situation where someone is trying to be more successful than someone else, after all. But Don Ramon Gomez, our newest Socio’s grandfather, felt that “la competencia” was good for the community. He believed that it led to more value, better service, and higher integrity. Don Gomez had this foresight when he immigrated from Guanajuato and started his own tiendita, the original La Competencia, in the U.S.

From Tiendita to Vinos

Tom Bracamontes, founder of the next iteration of La Competencia, is proud to carry forward this tradition, while embodying the spirit, passion, and work ethic of his abuelo. Tom’s goal is to help position Mexico as a world-class wine producer, contribute to the development of strong brands, and establish a platform from which Mexican wine producers can succeed in the ultra-competitive U.S. market. His knows his goals are lofty, but believes they are attainable because he believes in the help and support of the Baja Wine community.

And Tom’s ganas are already paying off: in less than 5 years, La Competencia Imports has orchestrated the broadest and deepest penetration of Baja wines into the U.S. market. His portfolio of over 20 wineries (https://www.lacompetenciaimports.com/Wineries) is available via local distributors in nearly half of the United States. At this growth rate, Tom expects to have distribution agreements in over 30 states before the end of 2021. His diverse and quality-driven portfolio of the best of Mexican wines is clearly resonating with wine lovers across the nation.

Competition, Common Goals, and our Club

We at Latinas Wine Club also believe that competition helps the community—we believe that when everyone strives toward a common goal we all stand to benefit. With our mutually aligned views, we are honored to welcome Tom and La Competencia as a Socio. Together we will help evangelize the innovation and quality of Mexican wines. And together we will be better positioned to achieve our mission of educating, empowering, and elevating Latinas in the wine industry. Salud!

Learn more about La Competencia’s expansive Mexican wine portfolio at www.lacompetenciaimports.com