This is why we are here…

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We are angered yet not surprised by recent news regarding sexual harassment and mistreatment of women at one of the most elite wine certification organizations in the United States. Many of us hold that organization in the highest esteem hoping to one day achieve the prestigious awards given out to only a handful of dedicated wine professionals. Even more disheartening is that we know this behavior is endemic throughout all levels of the wine industry. And this is exactly why we created our community of Latina wine enthusiasts. To give ourselves a powerful voice against this deplorable, yet widespread behavior and a safe place for women to receive educational resources to support their wine journey in their own way. The Latinas Wine Club condemns this behavior and will continue to fight to ensure our strong, proud, dynamic voices are heard in the wine community.  Educate. Empower. Elevate…Through Wine! Erlinda and Martha  
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