Stories of Latinas in Wine: Lu from

Written by Lu Diodovich

Those days that I feel homesick, I go straight to my cellar and open a bottle of Malbec. Those aromas and flavors take me back to the land where I was born and that I got to call home a significant part of my life.

When I want to bring something that represents me to a friend’s house, I get a bottle of Malbec.

Introducing a taste of Malbec to people that never tried it makes me proud of where I come from. It’s like sharing a little bit of my homeland in a glass.

Maybe, for all that, my friends call me The Malbec Ambassador.

My favorite grape: Malbec

Malbec is a red grape variety that originated in France but thrived in Argentina since they formally brought it in 1853. Argentinian Malbec is characterized for the aromas and flavors of black cherry, blackberry, blueberry, raisin, violets, cocoa, mocha, leather, and depending on the amount of Oak aging, sweet tobacco, and vanilla, among others. Medium tannin, medium acidity, and medium to full body. Argentina has planted 75% of the acres of Malbec in the world. Malbec is a food-friendly wine that may be paired with many different dishes. But if you want to experience the whole Argentinean vibe, an “Asado” is the best pairing!

The Malbec Ambassador

When I was offered to be the brand ambassador for 3 Argentinean labels: Marcelo Pelleriti Wines, 1853 Wines, and Bodega Monteviejo (and all of them have at least one Malbec in their line up, of course!), I couldn’t be happier. Recommending and promoting wines from Argentina from these three great wineries and crafted by one of my favorite winemakers, Marcelo Pelleriti, is a dream come true.

As an immigrant, as a Latina in the United States, it’s an honor to represent my country somehow. And a pleasure to do it through wine! If you want to know more about Malbec and my wine journey, you can find me on Instagram as Wine.with.Lu