Let’s change the narrative of Latinas in wine and spirits.

Dear Amigas,

Nine months ago on March 8th, we celebrated annual International Women’s Day around the world.  It’s a critical day when we remember the fight many hermanas have made throughout the years to have our rights recognized in many ways. Even when this year we were forced to celebrate virtually and gathered through the screen, we could have felt isolated and once again standing alone rather than together. Nevertheless, hermanas y amigas, among the pandemic we created the Latinas Wine Club community and,  in our niche -the wine industry-  we continue to support you. Today, December 8th of 2020, I want to reiterate that we keep fighting for our rights to be recognized in every way.

The fight for women’s rights is not only external. What do we mean by external? Well, it not only depends on institutions, organizations, or even countries to recognize the rights of women. It is also our own obligation to recognize our rights. Access to education, without a doubt, is one of the most important rights that we should embrace and share with others. We are blessed to live in a country where education is accessible for women. When we are educated we are empowered, amigas. Latinas Wine Club Inc. has made a mission with that purpose.

Latinas Wine Club wants to change the narrative of Latinas in wine and spirits with your help. We do understand that social media increases the competition to be always on top. However, we have to remember that self-respect and education is our right. We invite you to spread the word and show the social media sphere and beyond, that Latinas in wine respect each other, support each other, and, most importantly, are well educated in terms of wine and spirits. Let’s keep the trend going. We challenge you to post a picture as a well-educated Latina that loves wine with your glass, and showcasing your education skills. Tag us at @latinaswineclub and use the hashtag #latinaslovewine #latinaswineclub