Finding Balance Through Community

Amigas, we are approaching the year anniversary of enduring this pandemic. A recent American Psychological Association (APA)  study found that prolonged stress persists at elevated levels for most Americans. More than ever our mental and physical wellbeing need to be a priority. As wine lovers, many of us have taken to learning about new regions and wine styles as a way to exercise our mind, find meaningful distraction, and prepare for in-person journeys to these beautiful areas. Let’s explore other ways to achieve mental balance during the last few months of this turbulent time.

How can I achieve mental wellbeing during this pandemic?

According to the APA there are several proven ways to manage stress:
• Take a break from news, social media, or even friends that are affecting you in negative or unhealthy ways;
• Try the “three good things” practice of reflecting on three positive things that happened during your day to help decrease anxiety, combat depression, and build mental resiliency;
• Insist on 15-30 minute increments of self-care throughout the day such as talking a walk, connecting with a friend, or enjoying a humorous show;
• Stay connected to friends and family whether virtual or in-person so you can support on another; and
• Try to keep things into perspective to reduce negative views on daily events.

Connecting with Wine Enthusiasts as Self-Care

As experts have found, connecting with friends is a proven way to manage stress. Many of you have chosen to join your fellow Latinas here in our community as a way to engage and achieve this wellbeing. We are humbled that our community can serve this purpose—whether it be through joining one of our wine classes, expanding your wine knowledge through our #WINESCHOOL curriculum, or simply hopping on our IG Lives so we can feel your energy. Thank you for helping us improve our mental wellness—certainly the Latinas Wine Club is one of our “three good things” we are thankful for every day.

Do you have any other wellness ideas to share with us? What practices have worked for you to cope with this new era? Let us know as we would love to hear your insight!

Your Jefas in Vino, Martha & Erlinda